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Protecting Your Health From Radon Gas Exposure

Radon is reported to be the second leading cause of lung cancer, after cigarette. Even if you are non-smokers but live in a place with high level of radon gas, you still have higher risk of developing lung cancer. The risk is doubling up if you are smoker playing poker online and living in a […]

Radon Level In Your Home

Things To Do After Finding Out Radon Level In Your Home

Radon is dangerous radioactive gas that can put your health at risk of developing lung cancer. In the U.S, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Even non-smokers and IDNplay poker fans are still at high risk of developing lung cancer if they are constantly exposed to radon gas. The problem of this […]

Radon gas is dangerous

The Danger Of Radon Gas

Radon gas is classified into carcinogen. It is the end product of radium, uranium, and thorium decay of various elements on earth such as rocks, soil, and water. Unlike another gas such as carbon monoxide, radon is hard to detect by human sense. You cannot smell, see or taste it. It is practically odorless, colorless, […]

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Learn More About Radon Gas And Its Potential Dangers

Radon gas is natural radioactive that occurs in our surroundings. It is formed when uranium, radium, and thorium break down in various elements such as water, rock, or soil. The radioactive gas is then released into the air which makes it easily seep through anywhere including your house. The problem is, the radioactive is tasteless, […]

Radon Gas

What Is Radon Gas?

Radon gas is supposed to be familiar enough. It is radioactive gas that has odorless colorless, and tasteless features. This kind of gas is formed through uranium natural breakdown in rocks, soil, as well as water. Radon gas can easily escape the ground. Then, it seeps through your home just as easily through the cracks […]

Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation: How Much the Cost and What Affect It

After performing a radon test and find that radon mitigation is needed to decrease the high level of radon gas found in your home, it is common to ask about how much the mitigation will cost you. When it is highly relative because wide variety of factors can come to play, you can actually still […]

The Benefit of Installing a Radon Mitigation System in Your Home

The Benefit of Installing a Radon Mitigation System in Your Home

If you are hesitating to carry out a radon test or to install a radon mitigation system, there are actually a lot of reasons why you should stop hesitating. You must have heard that radon has become one of the top leading culprits for lung cancer. While it becomes a deadly treat around you, recognizing […]

DIY Radon Mitigation

DIY Radon Mitigation: How to Set Up a Radon Mitigation System Yourself

Now that it is found that your home or business got an exposure of high radon gas level, you want to set up a radon mitigation system in order to reduce the gas level. When it is recommended to work with a radon mitigation contractor to test and perform the mitigation process, you can actually […]

Smart Guide to Select the Best Radon Contractor

Smart Guide to Select the Best Radon Contractor

So you have recognized how serious radon gas issue can be. As a result, you would like to find a good contractor to perform radon test and mitigation in order to reduce the risk of radon gas in your home or building. There is no doubt that you can discover numerous radon contractors out there. […]

The Signs and Symptoms of Radon Poisoning Revealed

The Signs and Symptoms of Radon Poisoning Revealed

Is there any sign or symptom of radon poisoning around us? In fact, we cannot see, taste or even smell radon gas. Even when you are being exposed by the gas at a high level, there can be no symptoms that there is radon poisoning. However, when you are exposed to this gas over time, […]